A Phone call

Why do we make a phone call? What does a phone call do to us?- these questions may seem simple to some and life-changing to others. Some may wonder what something as simple as a phone call could do and some know the true meaning of receiving a phone call from someone.

              Some phone calls make you the happiest in the world. A “birth call” makes everyone happy. A new entry into this world is a joy to everyone. An “employment call” is another call to rejoice. We are always on cloud nine when we are hired by somebody especially, to do a job we like. Another happy call is a “success call”. Success makes every single person on Earth happy. The feeling of success is in itself a delight. A “customer service call” firstly, when answered by the agent and second when our problem is solved turns into a happy call. A phone call from a loved one also brings a smile on our face that chases away everything gloomy. In the olden days, Indian Kings and Queens gave a piece of jewelry to every messenger that brought with them a piece of good news. Nowadays, we cannot give extra money to our service providers whenever we receive good news but we sure do cherish our phone calls of happiness to the utmost.

             To maintain the balance, we also have the sad calls. Sometimes, a phone call can completely change your world. An “emergency call” at any time during the day acts as an indecipherable reality-check. It tests your presence of mind and expects you to be calm at the most disastrous of times. There are so many instances where a phone call can make you sad. There are also times when you receive one phone call and some person in your life no longer exists. A phone call here becomes a corroboration of somebody’s death, it sets the realization that the person is no longer a part of your reality. Such phone calls bring grief to people. Other phone calls that bring with them rejection, failure, heartbreak, sorrow, etc. are all phone calls we mostly tend to avoid.

              We always hope to receive phone calls that deliver messages that we can either cherish or at least tolerate. We wish for a phone call to bring us joy and happiness. We wish that every phone call we receive brings with it some good news. We want our phone calls to be messengers of goodness. In the end, everything depends on fate. We are destined to receive calls that will change our world, whether happy or sad. We have to survive holding hands with hope and wait for our phone call. In this case, keeping your phone charged is highly recommended, you never know when you will receive a happy or sad call. As the saying goes, LET’S HOPE FOR THE BEST.


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